Is there a way to keep waveforms from the same oscillator in phase?

I was trying to do that trick of reinforcing the Fundamental of say a square or saw with a sine wave. I was super stoked when I saw that I could pull both a sine AND a square from osc 2 or 3.

But it appears that even though they are driven by the same osc, they go outta phase. I thought it was because I had to patch in the sine, that may have been lagging the signal. So I patched square instead of using the internal patching and it still seemed outta phase.

Am I missing a setting or something that is causing this? I would expect this to be the behavior between 2 osc, but to a much greater extreme.

Hi ,

I have never used a real hardware ARP 2600. But afaik, then the SINE waveform in an OSC should be the same Phase as the SAW but in opposite (180 degrees) phase to the TRIANGLE and the PULSE waveform.
EDIT: I forgot: It’s the same in Modular V. The Sine have it’s own life. Not sure why. EDIT END

However - the SINES unfortunately have their own life in Arturias version. Even when Synced to OSC 1 they seem to drift. Without knowing the hardware this to me look like bugs, that should be fixed.
The other waveforms i think hold the phase.

ARP 2600 V3 is one of the oldest Arturia synths. I personally hope a new recoded version is comming very soon.

I am able to, of course, use the sine from Osc 3 and fine tune it, but still cannot get it 100 with the 4% smallest resolution, but it is better then coming from the same Osc, and turning down the volume on the sine to favor the Saw.

But goodness, I love the heck outta this synth’s implementation, this was the first thing that caught me off guard so far and I have been going pretty darn deep on it!

This also just could of been a behavior of the hardware they had access to when modeling, but it would be neat to provide those trim pots that the newer synths they implemented have.

In addition to my first post.
I don’t think the originals phase degrees i mentioned in my first post are different in ARP 2600 V. I think the TRI and the PULSE/ SQUARES are not in 180 degrees to the SINE and the Ramp up SAW. This create different sounds and phase effects when blending waveforms.