Is the forum worth going?

I just purchased a MiniFreak, so I navigated the Arturia website and registered a forum account. This unfortunately seems to be a hollow and uninteresting forum. I am used to the Elektronauts which is a meeting and discussion place for music enthusiasts as well as amateur and professional producers where hundreds of people constantly discuss and exchange information. I’m surprised to say the least that Arturia has such a poor forum. Would the French not have much to say for once? I hope that this is just an impression and that I will quickly realize that this forum is much richer and more lively than I thought it was and that it is full of wonderful people exchanging fascinating and varied information.

The forum is what you make of it.
If you want it to be a place that more echoes your expectations, start by posting the kind of things you want to see.


HI @ElekTrick and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

Yep! as @Jon_Vincent states above!

If you don’t find it that interesting then why not MAKE it interesting? :wink:
What do YOU consider interesting and stimulating?

A user lead forum is only ever as good as its user base after all.

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I agree with you guys, it was just a poor first impression that I should’ve kept to myself but I’ll do my best to add my experience, feelings, ideas and try to be constructive and positive in my future conversations with everyone :pray:t3: Peace, love and respect

Back at you! :sunglasses: