Is Spark still available?

As the title says… Is Spark still available? Can’t find it under the Products tab…

This is the closest I could find

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Although almost abandonware, it is available (and on sale now!) at:

The last minor update was Apple M1 compatibility (but not natively). I am running it with no issues on an M2 in Rosetta. Arturia have started that as a legacy product it will “not be developed again to run natively on M1/M2 Apple Silicon computers”.

So, it will work now but will not run natively on M1/M2 and in years to come it is possible/likely that Apple will drop Rosetta and Spark will not work on M1/M2/M3…

If I were you, at that sale price, I would buy it now and enjoy it for maybe 5-10 years.

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Thanks everyone! :peace_symbol:

Be warned . Arturia has abandoned Spark and offers it for half price . Also it does not come in VST3 version at all which is being outdated by many Daws


without a doubt my fave drum software. I have the SparkLE for my iPad Pro and the Spark on my MacBook Pro (with the LE interface for my iPad and the CDM for my MacBook). I still have my software CD for Spark, butI’m thinking of buying a used mcbook solely to run Spark, and maybe pick up a used CDM while Im at it too. No one has come close to Spark/CDM yet, and for proof? Check out the Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) Perfectomundo solo record. That’s all Spark, baby! The whole record. I realized it the minute I heard it: “that’s my Spark!”…

I have a friend who bought a new CD online on eBay for Spark and it worked great. He was allowed to license it and everything. Arturia seems to be still supporting it, but I don’t know for how long. Best drum machine for the money; no doubt!