Is Pigments Sonoma compatible now?

I see the latest updates and that V Collection 9 is now certified on Sonoma but Pigments has no update and as far as I can see is NOT Sonoma certified.

Am I correct? Is one forthcoming?

Also, Wurli V2 lacks Sonoma support, as does Mini V3. Both are updated in V Collection X but does that mean they won’t be updated for Sonoma in V9 and hence I have either lost the ability of two synths to work on Sonoma and am forced to upgrade if I want Sonoma compatibility?

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I assume a Pigments update will be released sometime soon as well with Sonoma support. If it also comes with new features, that would be super sweet! :smiley:

It’s safe to say that Mini V3 (or any older versions of updated engines) will no longer have new releases, so if the older versions don’t function in newer OS versions we are screwed as far as using them in the future.

The situation on Sonoma’s Arturia stuff is really confused. On VX they mentioned Mac OS 11+. So…. But in the page following Sonoma update, they mentioned: don’t upgrade to Sonoma!

I think the “don’t upgrade” warning is just a “to be safe” thing. Every software company needs time to verify their stuff works after every major OS release. Everything might work just fine, but they don’t want to claim that and have to support it until they verify it themselves.