Is it possible to hear the audio of the PC connected to Astrolab by USB?

I have my Astrolab connected to PC through USB, but I cannot output the audio from PC in the Astrolab

Basically you’re asking if the Astrolab can be used as an audio interface.
After reading the manual it doesn’t seem it’s possible at the moment.

Since the Astrolab has onboard audio inputs and outputs, maybe it will be possible to add this functionality through a future software update by Arturia (I’m just speculating and I might be wrong).

If you need a keyboard that can function as an audio interface, there are many choices, e.g. I have a Studiologic Numa Compact 2X, a Roland RD-88 and a Korg Keystage 61 that can do that, some other examples are AKAI MPC Key, Roland Fantom/Fantom-0 and Yamaha MODX/Montage.


Maybe you can do it via Bluetooth?

USB audio is actually a mess, it brings in 2-3 seconds latency, making it useless for vst and … useless for practicing with pre-recorded with on screen lyrics or chords.

Hope they fix it!