Is it possible to control Minifuse 4 using Minilab 3 via midi?

I have MiniFuse 4 and Minilab 3. If I connect the MIDI output from MiniLab 3 to the midi input of MiniFuse 4. Using MiniLab 3, can I control the parameters of MiniFuse 4 via the midi interface? If yes, how to set it up?

Hi @leonid.t

I’m afraid, as far as I’m aware, this is not possible.

Then why does MiniFuse 4 have a MIDI input?

Like MANY interfaces, my own RME unit included, it’s there so you can connect an external midi device to use as a controller, possibly a synth, drum pads, EWI, midi guitar etc.
Midi via ‘5 pin din’ is the original way to interconnect midi equipment, USB midi connectivity, in the grand scheme of things, is a fairly recent addition.