Is Audiofuse 16rig USB audio class compliant?

I just read over the announcement and product page for the Audiofuse 16rig - and it says its USB midi class compliant but doesn’t mention if the audio side is.

Is the audio also class compliant? I do some of my work on Linux and am looking for a 16 input+ interface.

@Tim.Arturia - do you know the answer to this?


Because the 16Rig is working on Mac without any driver, it means that it is class compliant.
But class compliance can mean a lot of things.

Our interfaces, like a lot of our competitor, does not implement the control part of the spec as we use an improved private protocol to configure it. But it is audio streaming compliant.

Also note that we do not test it on Linux. We cannot give any support for Linux users, and I cannot even guarantee that it will works as we didn’t really tried it. I’ve seen devices with a lot of IOs to not be correctly detected by Alsa even with the audio class compliance. So be careful here.

Cheers !

Hi does it mean you can record the audio mix from 16rig from its usb port ? With a phone for ex .

Yes, it means that it should works on mobile DAWs (Cubase for iOS for exemple).

But as we didn’t test it and we do not currently support it, I cannot guarantee anything and you should check online if anyone has tested it yet.
Maybe contact our support team, they may already be aware of that from other customers.