Introducing the new KeyLab Essential mk3 88

_Introducing KeyLab Essential mk3 88

February 23rd, 5PM CET

KeyLab Essential 88 is an intuitive, powerful, carefully crafted controller with a full size keyboard that invites you to unleash your creative flow with pitch-spanning flair.

Musicians & producers can control any DAW or MIDI hardware with the most essential controls at their fingertips, the most creative features at their disposal, and the most inspiring musical software included as standard.

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_What’s new?

Full range semi-weighted keyboard for hardware or software

KeyLab Essential 88 mk3 offers simply the best value for a full 88-note range, semi-weighted keyboard on the market; perfect for DAW production, hybrid setups, and controlling MIDI hardware instruments.

The new standard for easy, affordable keyboard controllers

A keyboard controller doesn’t need complex controls, menu diving, or lengthy configuration to operate. KeyLab Essential 88 mk3 extends the 49 and 61 note KeyLab Essential mk3 range, removing creative barriers for next-level music making.

Directly-linked with Arturia’s industry-leading software ranges

Many musicians and producers will be familiar with Arturia’s award-winning software; KeyLab Essential mk3 is part of the same range, seamlessly integrating with Analog Lab Pro, Pigments, and V Collection.

What’s new with KeyLab Essential controllers?

  • 88 key edition + 49 & 61 key ranges in black and white
  • New creative features: Scale Mode, Chord Mode, and Arpeggiator
  • Custom DAW integration (FL Studio, Abelton, Logic Pro)
  • More versatile presets
  • Easier controls & interface
  • Expanded software package for beginners & pros

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_Useful Links and Resources

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