Introducing PolyBrute 12 | The Art of Expression

_Introducing PolyBrute 12

The Art of Expression

May 14th, 5PM CEST

PolyBrute 12 unites a next-generation FullTouch® keyboard, state-of-the-art synthesis and an expanded 12 voice architecture in a striking aluminum exterior - bringing musicians into direct and tactile connection with their sound like never before.

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_Full touch, full control

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor as one of the most powerful and expressive analog synths ever made, PolyBrute 12 goes a step further. This multi-faceted tool for musical expression lets you seamlessly evolve and control any parameters while playing - a matrimony of Brute force and human touch.

:film_projector: Tutorials | PolyBrute 12 - Overview

Follow Matt Paull as he dives into PolyBrute 12. From its expanded 12-voice architecture and FullTouch® keyboard to the Brute oscillators, modulation matrix, morphing presets and effects - PolyBrute 12 is a conduit to unprecedented soundscapes.

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_Key Features

_The most expressive synthesizer

  • FullTouch® Keyboard: Experience unprecedented control.
  • Morphée Multi-Axis Control & Ribbon Controller: Explore new dimensions of expression.
  • Three Pedal Inputs: Enhance your performance versatility.

With a FullTouch® keyboard, Morphée multi-axis control, ribbon controller, three pedal inputs - this instrument offers more ways to express oneself than anything else available.

_Expanded 12-voice architecture

Create complex and lush harmonic structures, dynamic sonic layering and split keyboard performances with PolyBrute’s expanded voice architecture.

_Limitless sound design

Its state-of-the-art oscillators, ladder and Steiner-Parker filters, innovative preset-morphing, 32 effects and modulation matrix open unrivaled sound-design possibilities.

_Seamless DAW integration

Thanks to PolyBrute Connect, going from in-depth sound-design to production and from composition to performance has never been so simple. Manage your patches and easily import new presets and sound banks.

_Revamped factory library

PolyBrute 12’s library features hundreds of bi-timbral morphing presets utilizing its expanded feature set - 480 to be precise.

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:film_projector: Playthrough | PolyBrute 12 | ARTURIA

Experience PolyBrute 12 as Matt Paull explores its rich sonic tapestry. Each preset has been carefully created to harness its unrivalled synthesis capabilities and next generation expressive features - traveling between luminous pads to utterly alive and animate composition textures. Discover the most expressive synthesiser ever made.

:link: Watch the PolyBrute 12 Playthrough

_Useful Links and Resources

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