Introducing Pigments 5 | Free update for Pigments owners

Polychrome Software Synthesizer

January 23, 5 PM CET

Pigments is a software VST with the power to create any sound, from the best mix-ready modern presets to deep custom sound design. Combining limitless sound-making with a vibrant and intuitive workflow, Pigments packs a sonic punch ideal for modern producers.

It is the most expansive and feature-dense suite yet, combining timeless sonic craft and expert engineering with cutting-edge enhancements that seamlessly integrate with demanding production workflows - for endless inspiration, vivid composition and boundless play.

Pigments 5: Intro offer

Existing users can update Pigments for free and access the entire Explorations preset bundle at a reduced price, for a limited time only. If new to Pigments, users can make the most of an introductory price and discount on preset expansions.

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_What’s New In Pigments 5?

A revolution in modern synthesis, Pigments’ approach to sound design is as intricate as it is accessible. Now with more ways than ever to craft those hard-hitting sounds.

Reduced CPU consumption

Pigments now utilizes multi-core processing for greater CPU efficiency, allowing more users to explore this powerful softsynth with ease.

Melodize any sound in 1 click

Explore the new generative sequencer, featuring one-click sequence generation and new play modes, as well as saveable presets and sequence browsing. Make use of the sequencer lock to apply your sequence settings to any sound.

Process any audio with Pigments

You can now process external audio in Pigments from the Utility engine, by routing the sound to the instrument through the track sidechain input. Additional FX routing options have also been integrated.

New curated content and sounds

Discover a selection of 100 new factory presets alongside new wavetables and samples in Pigments 5, comprising more than 1500 sounds.

Compose in style

Pigment’s refreshed interface includes an improved play view, with new visualisers and other UX enhancements.

New preset expansions

Explore an exclusive selection of sounds with Explorations; 3 new sound banks including 150 presets in each, showcasing a range of bold, colorful and expansive sounds that Pigments is renowned for.

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_Pigments 5 Update Overview

Follow Charlie as she explores the new powers of Pigments 5: from a preview of the latest factory presets to a showcase of the revamped sequencer, and an IDM-infused demo of the new external audio processing. Not forgetting the enhanced FX routing and visual display. Pigments 5 makes it easier than ever to explore an infinite spectrum of sound.

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