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_Introducing MiniBrute V

Ferocious Analog Softsynth

May 21st, 5PM CEST

MiniBrute V mirrors the revolutionary spirit of its forebear and amplifies it in the digital domain with expanded polyphony, a built-in FX rack and classic features like the Steiner-Parker filter preserved - bringing unmatched warmth and grit to today’s music makers.

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:film_projector: Tutorials | MiniBrute V - Overview

Join Lena as she takes us through a detailed exploration of MiniBrute V: a software emulation of the original MiniBrute hardware. Learn how to create rich and dynamic sounds with a no-nonsense interface and discover MiniBrute V’s expanded FX options and polyphonic voicing - that go far beyond its monosynth DNA.

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_Mono might, poly power

Raw analog power

MiniBrute V offers the same uncompromising analog sound, now capable of complex chord voicings and layered textures that go beyond its monosynth DNA.

Intuitive Interface

Feel the immediacy and depth of analog synthesis through MiniBrute V’s streamlined signal path, making it incredibly easy to play and program.

Built-in FX rack

Twist and transform MiniBrute V’s analog energy with an all-in-one FX rack - featuring 4 FX slots and 17 FX types to further shape and enhance your sound.

World Class Presets

MiniBrute V’s factory library has been designed by esteemed synthesists and analog pros alike, staying faithful to the original while pushing the envelope of what’s possible.

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