Introducing FX Collection 4 | New plugins and upgrades

_Introducing FX Collection 4

Find your sonic perfection

June 1st, 5 PM CET

FX Collection 4 now includes 30 effects, from pivotal digital reverbs to cutting-edge multi-engine distortion, along with over 1000 expertly-designed presets, improved accessibility features, and a number of useful enhancements for fluid DAW production.

A curated suite of creative audio effects for modern music makers, FX Collection 4 is guided by Arturia’s decades of passion for sound exploration, it unites upgraded recreations of iconic era-defining studio tools with contemporary & experimental effects plugins in a single collection - to both enhance and inspire as part of the creative process.

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_What’s new in FX Collection 4?

4 new products

  • Rotary CLS-222

  • Move from silky smooth stereo swirls to spinning synchronized patterns with a modernized take on the classic Leslie rotary speaker emulator.


  • A dual-engine distortion effect that goes from rich tube saturation to unrestrained sonic destruction in a few clicks.

  • Filter MS-20

  • Pump destructive crunch and roaring stereo filter sweeps into your mixes with this infamously abrasive KORG filter & distortion module.

  • Rev LX-24

  • An upgraded version of the retro box that defined ‘80s reverb; real-feeling space, cave depth atmosphere, and subtly-sparkling textures await.

_Product & performance updates

  • Bus FORCE adds overdrive gain compensation.

  • Efx FRAGMENTS gets 40 new presets and an updated modulation workflow.

  • Rev LX-24 can now be resized for more compact screen presence.

  • Bus FORCE and Rev SPRING-636 now both have oversampling quality options.

  • Upgraded accessibility features, with real-time text-to-speech feedback.

  • NKS VST3 and Mac M1 AAX support.

  • A number of bug fixes & optimizations.

_10 Things to have fun with

  • (On Rotary CLS-222) Speed Control
    Experience the magic of classic Leslie rotary sounds by seamlessly adjusting from slow to fast speeds.

  • (On Rotary CLS-222) Visualizer
    Dive into an engaging visual representation of your sound, adding depth to the overall experience. Additionally, customize the interaction between the two rotors, deciding whether they chase, oppose, or harmonize with each other.

  • (On Rotary CLS-222) Distance
    Take control over the circular motion of the rotary effect, amplifying its impact and even altering its direction. We’ve added 2 new shapes that push the edges of what a Leslie can do, unlocking fresh sonic possibilities.

  • (On Rev LX-24) Algorithms
    LX-24 has 8 algorithms, here you can change what room size or material the reverb is going through.

  • (On Rev LX-24) Tremolo Reverb
    Bring some rhythm to your reverb by adding the tremolo effect. Adjust the shape & amount to get some pumping reverb sounds.

  • (On Rev LX-24) Reverb Control
    Change the Distance, bass offset, crossover, and damping to further fine-tune your perfect reverb sound for your track

  • (On Dist Coldfire) Presets
    Turn up the analog heat or shatter your sound with sub-zero digital crush, using one of the 150 specialized presets.

  • (On Dist Coldfire) Distortion
    Pair up any of the 11 distortion types, from emulated tube heat to icy digital bit crush, customize your routine, sprinkle in some modulation, and forge sonic carnage that’s totally your own.

  • (On Filter MS-20) Input filtering
    Retain the depth of your lows or the harmonic detail in your highs by focusing your overdriven crunch on a specific frequency range.

  • (On Filter MS-20) Routing
    Flip the behavior of your sound on its head by swapping the direction of the direction of the signal through Filter MS-20’s Routing switch.

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