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_Introducing Augmented YANGTZE

Acoustic Instruments Reinvented

April 30th, 5PM CET

Augmented YANGTZE is an exploration of China’s rich musical heritage, seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern sound design. With 6 instruments, 38 articulations and 30 processed & multisample articulations - experience rich, evocative, and textural sounds mixed with modern synthesis.

Access production-ready sounds in an instant with intuitive preset browsing and explore a spectrum of sonic color with YANGTZE’s morph wheel, macros, modulation and advanced features.

:link: Discover Augmented YANGTZE

:film_projector: Tutorials | Augmented YANGTZE - Overview

Follow Lena and discover the evocative composition textures and inpiring features of Augmented YANGTZE. Get to know its expressive presets, intuitive controls and advanced features that weave China’s rich musical heritage into the fabric of modern sound design.

:link: Watch the Overview

_Key Features

_Dynamic sample library

Augmented YANGTZE offers a rich and uniquely textured palette of sounds from China’s most well-known traditional instruments, like the Bass Dizi, Xiao, Pipa, Guqin, Yangqin and Erhu.

_Cutting-edge synth engines

Powered by 4 synth engines; Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, Harmonic and the simpler engine - discover evolving ambiences, experimental processing and dynamic after-effects.

_ Deep sound design

Fine-tune your sample & synth layers, and add custom modulation, arpeggiation, effects, and macros in one place.

_Expression & morphing

With the Morph wheel, explore a spectrum of sound between musical tradition and otherworldly sonic rendition and intuitively alter key sonic characteristics with quick-fire macros.

_Versatile presets

Explore 200 expertly-crafted presets, from familiar acoustic timbres to processed, multisampled and experimental sounds, designed for every style.

:link: Learn More about Augmented YANGTZE

:film_projector: Track Breakdown | Augmented YANGTZE

Be guided by Lena through a modern trap arrangement by Raven Bush. Discover the evocative presets, melodies and expressive patterns that define the track, and the settings used for each layer - driven by the diverse Chinese instruments and synthesis engines of Augmented YANGTZE.

:link: Watch the Track Breakdown

:film_projector: Tutorials | Augmented YANGTZE - Morphing

Lena takes us through morphing with Augmented YANGTZE, which allows you to seamlessly blend between acoustic and synthesized sounds. The preset ‘Windy Day’ is reengineered to show the engines, settings and advanced features that went into its programming.

:link: Watch the Morphing Tutorial

_Useful Links and Resources

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