_Introducing AudioFuse X8 IN/OUT | Expand Your Audio Experience

_Introducing AudioFuse X8 IN/OUT

Expand Your Audio Experience

July 2nd, 5 PM CEST

AudioFuse X8 IN and AudioFuse X8 OUT enhance the flexibility of your studio with premium line-level connectivity. With a compact, rackable design, front-panel controls and colorful VU meters, have all your gear connected at once and ready to record.

Extend the line level connectivity of your existing audio interface and have all your gear connected at once.

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_Plug and play ADAT expansion

Efficient expansion

AudioFuse X8 enhances the connectivity of your existing audio setup without the unnecessary cost and clutter of a fully-featured audio interface.

Professional audio quality

Supporting 8 channels of premium ADAT conversion up to 96 kHz - AudioFuse X8 utilizes the best components available.

Versatile installation

Designed as half-sized rack units, AudioFuse X8 comes with removable rack ears for flexible installation.

Durable construction

AudioFuse X8 IN & OUT is built to withstand the rigors of studio and live use with simple front panel controls and robust connectors.

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:film_projector: Tutorials | AudioFuse x8 IN - Overview :film_projector:

Join Lena as she explores AudioFuse X8 IN, an ADAT expander with 8 high-quality analog inputs. Learn how to connect and utilize AudioFuse X8 for optimal recording flexibility and discover its in-built features. AudioFuse X8 means your studio is always ready to handle more, no matter the project.

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:film_projector: Tutorials | AudioFuse x8 OUT - Overview

Join Lena as she presents the AudioFuse X8 OUT, an ADAT expander offering 8 high-quality analog outputs. Discover how to enhance your studio’s output capabilities and make use of AudioFuse X8’s in-built features. Ideal for musicians and producers needing more connectivity for complex setups.

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