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_Introducing AudioFuse 16Rig

Studio Mastermind Interface

October 24th, 5PM CET

AudioFuse 16Rig is a high-density audio & MIDI interface primed for connecting an entire synth studio, complex live audio routing, advanced DAW recording, and beyond. Unmatched connectivity, flexible configuration, and a smart workflow that encourages creativity - all in perfect sync.

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_Make your sound count

Here’s what to expect:

_Ultimate studio centerpiece

Keep an entire setup connected to the rear I/O, reserving the front panel for extra mics, instruments, or devices. Perfect for a studio full of synths, dense band recordings, intricate monitoring, and more

_Pristine audio quality

Whether it’s synths, guitars, vocals, or any combination of inputs, AudioFuse 16Rig gives recordings the shine and clarity they deserve with premium 24-bit AD/DA converters.

_A standalone mixer

For DAWless jamming, live mixing, and computer-free audio configuration, AudioFuse 16Rig can process audio & MIDI signals even without a computer connected thanks to dual internal MIDI-controllable mixers.

_Intricate audio routing

Configure the connections to suit any need, from multiple sends/returns to A/B speaker monitoring - the included software even features a matrix for quick ‘connect anything and everything’ configuration.

_For any & every setup

Users can control settings via the built-in controls or the included software, configure it for desktop or rackmount operation, and even connect high-impedance headphones.

_A smarter interface

Save configurations & mix settings as presets, control modular gear with DC-coupled outputs, use the Reamp feature for versatile guitar tracking, and connect extra USB devices with class-compliant connections.

_Key features

  • High-density audio inputs: 16 TRS analog inputs, 2 combo Inst/XLR inputs with high quality digitally recallable preamps, convenient 3.5mm stereo input for connecting compact devices.
  • Flexible outputs & monitoring: 12 analog outputs, including 8 DC-coupled TRS line outputs, front panel outputs for reamping or dual-headphone configuration, speaker outputs, 6.35mm & 3.5mm TRS headphone outs.
  • ADAT with Word Clock: Add up to 16 channels of input and output at 48kHz via ADAT, complete with Word Clock for precise synchronization between devices.
  • Standalone MIDI: Connect MIDI gear with USB or 5-pin DIN connectors and route signals with ease, even without a computer connected.
  • A USB mastermind: Class-compliant MIDI hosting, low-latency USB-C connection to computer, additional front & back USB hub ports.
  • Color display: Detailed real-time feedback on levels, routing, settings, and more.
  • Desktop or rackmount: Configurable for accessible desktop use or a tidy rackmount attachment to suit any setup.
  • AudioFuse Creative Suite: A suite of premium software including Analog Lab Intro and Arturia FX plugins.
  • AudioFuse Control Center: Includes a software accompaniment for detailed settings, firmware updates, and the connectivity matrix.

_Check out AudioFuse 16Rig in Action!

Discover AudioFuse 16Rig with Matt Paull: the ultimate audio interface for hardware-focused music makers. With 16 analog inputs, 12 outputs, ADAT expansion, and more, it’s a world of creative possibilities.

Matt Paull walks you through the AudioFuse Control Center and demonstrates how it complements the new AudioFuse 16Rig hardware by providing easier control of various functions, making your workflow more efficient and productive.

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_Showcase at AES New York

Catch us at the Audio Engineering Convention (AES) of New York on October 25th-27th, 2023. For a presentation of this amazing product with Valentin Depoisier the Lead Firmware Engineer on AudioFuse 16Rig.

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_Useful Links and Resources

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