Introducing AstroLab | Avant-garde Stage Keyboard

_Introducing AstroLab

Avant-garde Stage Keyboard

April 9th, 6 PM CEST

Explore a vast spectrum of classic and modern sounds. AstroLab is a 61-key stage keyboard combining the power of synthesis, intuitive controls, and an innovative ecosystem - inviting musicians to focus on their creative expression and transition seamlessly from studio to stage.

:link: Discover AstroLab here

_Go beyond

Redefining the performance keyboard

AstroLab is an instrument built for the modern age and designed for musicians and producers who seek more creative freedom.

With advanced virtual synthesis built-in alongside an innovative ecosystem and essential controls that let you focus on playing - AstroLab bridges the gap between studio production, live performance and unhindered creative expression.

With 34 instruments to choose from and over 1300 evocative presets, discover a constellation of essential sounds, iconic synths and modern textures never-before-heard in a performance keyboard.

With AstroLab, take your performance sounds beyond samples, your stage setup beyond complication and your studio creations beyond the confines of your DAW.

_Full creative control

AstroLab makes it easier than ever to perform with all your studio sounds without a computer.

_Intuitive controls

No need to think twice when on stage, or in the studio.

_Performance features

Craft a truly unique sound and setup.

_Studio-stage continuum

AstroLab gives you the freedom to go between creative modes and play with all your signature sounds.

_Iconic instruments and beyond

Discover an expansive instrument and sound library curated to cater to every musical genre and era: from essential performance instruments and true-to-life acoustic sounds to timeless synths and crisp digital landscapes.

_Check out AstroLab in Action!

Discover AstroLab’s powerful performance features and unparalleled sound library with Matt Paull. Be introduced to AstroLab’s main features and modulation capabilities as well as how to create multi-instruments and utlise its performance modes - alongside a host of preset and instrument examples.

Be guided by Matt Paull on a sonic journey through AstroLab’s expansive instrument and sound library: from essential performance instruments and true-to-life acoustic sounds to timeless synths, crisp digital landscapes and evocative artist tributes.

_Useful Links and Resources

:information_source: For more information, check out our AstroLab FAQ article.

:earth_americas: Join the discussion in our dedicated AstroLab forum section to connect with other users and share your thoughts!

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