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_Introducing Analog Lab Play

Key Sounds For Creatives

October 31, 5PM CET

Introducing a free-to-use version of the production-standard preset browsing plugin. Play with 100 fresh presets from V Collection, Pigments, and beyond, plus a quick-fire interface that makes sound exploration & playing a breeze for everyone.

Analog Lab Play is the perfect introduction to sound exploration, putting the best sounds at the fingertips of musicians, producers, and new users. Here’s what’s included:

:link: Discover Analog Lab Play here

_Here’s what’s included:

The finest presets

Save time & find the right presets for any style in seconds, from trap bass to ambient synths.

Easy to use

A minimalist layout with macro controls for playful & immediate changes to each preset.

The sound store

Quickly browse presets, save favorites, and explore hundreds of free & premium expansions.

Play View for Analog Lab users

Users of Analog Lab V can also enjoy the simplified interface from Analog Lab Play with ‘Play View’, part of a free update via Arturia Software Center.

_Analog Lab Play in action

Playthrough (Sounds Presentation)

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Matt Paull as he provides a sneak peek into Analog Lab Play’s extensive preset library. Discover the expressive potential of the #free software instrument’s presets, and draw inspiration from its sonic diversity to craft your own musical creations.

Analog Lab Play Software Overview

Yetundey gives you a guided tour through Analog Lab Play, a #free sound library showcasing top presets from V Collection and Pigments. Get a firsthand look at its features and immerse yourself in the diverse sounds you can incorporate into your music with ease.

How To Make A Track with Analog Lab Play

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a beginner, Analog Lab Play offers a world of musical possibilities. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to craft a track using Analog Lab Play. Explore its extensive sound library, experiment with presets, and unleash your creativity.

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