Installing the 'Cubase Daw Script'- Can't b/c the folders dont exist

I’m trying to install the ‘DAW Integration Script’ for my ‘Arturia’ midi controller. It says to download the script, then move the folder to: C\users\username\documents\steinberg\cubase\midi Remote\driver Scripts\Local\Arturia

When I get as far as the “documents” folder there is nothing in it… I can find a “midiremote_factory-scripts” folder in my ‘Program Files\Steinberg’…
Do you think I should Past the folder there?

Hi, please see my reply at another post you have here:

I think that Arturia should alternatively provide this midiRemote file instead of the directory itself, since it can be more straight-forward for users to simply download it and install it (import) inside Cubase.

EDIT: Arturia does have the midiRemote file, inside the Resources tab:

It’s the other area ( that suggests copy/paste of the script folder, which may need an update:

As we can see it’s the very first version of the integration.

Okay, I’ll reply to your post on the ‘Cubase’ forum… Thanks for the help