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Just got the KeyLab Essential 61 mk3, and see it is supposed to have included software. I can download some of it - Analog Lab V and Melodics, but cannot see how to download anything else, namely NI - The Gentleman and UVI Model D. I thought it would be in the software centre but it’s not. Where they get mentioned on the website, just takes me to the vendor’s page. Am I missing something glaringly obvious?


Hi Gogs, welcome to the forum!

If you see the included Arturia software in the Arturia Software Center that means you’ve already registered your KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 on your account, that’s the first step!

For third-party software however, you’ll need to go to the “My Products” section of your Arturia account (, and search for your KeyLab Essential 61 mk3.
Click on the “See More” button and that should deploy a list of included software, third-parties at the end (note the presence of your serial numbers here).
You’ll get “Download Here’” links on the right side, that will lead you to each software’s way to register and use. You may have to use at some point the corresponding third-party serial number that’s on your “My Products” page.


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Awesome, thank you. I’d been clicking on the Access Resources option.

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