Included Instrument Categories

I would love to switch to the AstroLab as my performing keyboard. The instrument categories are exactly what I need, except for one giant, missing thing. I am called on to emulate guitars, both acoustic and electric. If I can’t get realistic guitar sounds out of the AstroLab, then I can’t use it to replace my laptop (and all it’s VST’s, MIDI interfaces, boxes, cables, pedals, etc).
Has anyone using the AstroLab been able to find any really good guitar sounds? I have listened to the demo of Augmented Yangtze, and it’s amazing. These are stringed instruments, and they sound great. I’m suggesting a new Aturia product “Augmented Guitars”!
Can anyone help me to encourage them to add this instrument category to AstroLab? Would anyone but me find it useful?

There a few guitar presets in AstroLab, mostly acoustic (steel or nylon), and some clean “jazz” electric guitar. They are in the a Guitar sub-type of the Strings type.
There are more guitar presets available in Analog Lab (for instance in the Emulator II library), but it would probably make sense to increase them, or add some Guitar soundbanks to the catalog.

Augmented guitars at some point, would be nice to have

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Thanks. It’s encouraging to know that they have a Guitar Sub-type. Maybe there is more to come. I need make the trip to sit down at an AstroLab and check it out for myself.

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