Importing presets issue

A friend of mine create a new preset for Solina V.

He sent the me file so I could load it into my Solina V.

After “Importing” the file, I get the message “presets Imported successfully”.

But, now I can’t find that file within Solina V. The system doesn’t tell me where the file was imported within the Solina V.

Your support, Please!

Thank you.


If it’s only one preset, then i would assume it was chosen, when it was imported.
The file should also be found in the bank your friend have set for the preset.
You can also search for the presets name in the browser.
It should be very easy to find it, if you have this informations.

If the preset is’nt there despite the message you got, then can you please tell the presets file format?
Are you sure it’s exported from inside Solina V, and is’nt a copy of the actual preset file, so you just have to put it in your preset folder?

I can test the file, if you post it, in case you would like that.

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sure I’ll be glad to send you a copy of preset file. Though, I don’t see away to “attach” a file to send you.

I thought, maybe when you Imported a preset file, that it would just automatically load and be ready to play. All other VST plugin’s that I have do that. it’s just too easy.

When you post, then in the top of the mail window you have diffeernt possibilities, one of them to Upload/ attach a file. It’s the arrow poiting up icon. Perhaps you can’t before you have posted more posts in the forum.
If your preset has the extention FIL, then it can’t be imported, if the extension is solx then it can.

That’s my exsperience. If you load a bank the first is chosen.

BTW: Keep in mind, that all forum users will be able to download your presets, if you attach it. I’m also a user.

Have you tried clicking on the icon to the left of the heart on the preset selector bar, then selecting the ‘User switch’ driectly above the ‘Designer’ column or on ‘My Sound Banks’ on the far left of the same window? This should reveal all banks on your system.