Impedence / Input Level of Clock Sync connectors

Trying to get clock sync working with a cassette 4-track. Most settings don’t work at all unless I really crank up the single. The 4-track’s signal is very HOT, but I’m wondering if there is an impedance issue. I’ve definitely experienced plugging a -10bu into a +4dbv and the level was very low. My 4-track has a spec sheet but the KSP does not that I can find - anyone know what the nominal level for the clock sync connectors are or how I could find out?

HI @davetron5000 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

That all sounds rather interesting, something like the oldschool ‘FSK’ system some 4tracks used ‘back in the day’.

I think the best people to ask would be Support, hopefully they can come up with a number for you!

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I have had a productive discussion with support and tried a few things. Further, a helpful person on Reddit gave me a bit more info (read the short thread here). Basically, the clock signal in the KSP is DC voltage, designed for Eurorack and related stuff, and NOT for an audio system like my four track. So I think my question actually doesn’t makes sense, because the clock connectors aren’t audio, thus impedence is not an issue (AFAIU)

That’s a bit of a shame really, but if you don’t ask you never find out.
Interesting thread, thanks for the link!