If possible, allow legato (long) notes

Matt Paul’s excellent video on Ambient acid is basically tricks to lenghten notes. Why not allow legato notes like on the MatrixBrute?
If possible.

Hi @francoise
I’m not currently near a machine, but iirc you can use the slide function in the sequencer.
Of course this is rather tricky if you’re playing the Acid V from a keyboard etc.

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I’ll try it out, Mat
(I misread your first name! confusing mat with nat).

Sliding is one of Matt Paul tricks to lengthen notes but I haven’t tried it out between two notes.

Lol, no worries, i have been called MUCH worse over the years :wink:

Iirc it works the same as a tie when used in this way. Let us know how you get on.
We’re going through a heatwave here at the moment and it’s just far too hot to run music software, else i’d double check myself.

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No Mat, I was wrong!
I was confusing you with nats.arturia. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I was on linux when I read your suggestion.
I think Sliding does not lenghten notes, it slides in the next notes. I’m not sure how MatrixBrute behaves; it may be the same behavior. Obviously, with the Matrix notes are not limited in lenght.

It may be unfeasable: the 303 is rather staccato (short notes more precisely) by design.

I had a friend, a very good C programmer, uncommon in the 90’s. His name was Benoît Verreault (benwa vayro).
He was often ordering hardware and software from the US. You can’t imagine how his name came out. It sounded Vietnamese.

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Lol i know mate, i think the humour might not have translated very well in my reply hehe.
I think you’ve answered your own question there really, as you said, and i’m paraphrasing slightly here, the original 303 is that way by design essentially…
Sometimes the ‘restrictions’ of a certain instrument or piece of equipment are what makes it what it is, e.g. a 1073 wouldn’t be a 1073 if it had four fully parametric EQ bands, high and low pass filters and an entire dynamics section. That’s one of the things i love about the Pre TridA, the ‘limits’ of the EQ are a huge part of why it sounds the way it does, which is why it’s so popular in some circles.

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Your humor did translate well, Mat. :+1:
Since Mat Jones does not lead to strange transmutations, you probably meant something else.
I’m taking great care (probably too much) not to offend people on social network or the Internet.

The UK 1073 preamp/eq is new to me. I had (still have) a Quad 303 with the electrostatic loudspeakers. No flash, simplicty and great sound.

I’m still evaluating Acid V. Since I can do acid like sounds on the Matrix, I’m trying to see what one can do besides the classic 303 sound. Creative solutions come from constraints.

Keep cool if you are in the UK or Europe. It’s much the same here (Quebec city).

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