If KeyLab 88 MkII keys sounds too loud: check the screws

Hi, I’d like to share with you one possible solution if the keys on your KeyLab 88 MkII become too loud.

I have noticed recently that the keys became super loud. I could not find the reason and had to contact the support team. And some days later I was looking at the keyboard have found that one of the screws on the front side got loose.

After tightening it, the keys noise was significantly decreased.

I am actually surprised that the screw got loose, but happy that the fix was easy :slight_smile:

This is a 10-sec video showing the before and after fixing it: https://youtube.com/shorts/U85WIGRoCZU

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Nice. I can’t say I have ever noticed this with my mk1 but i’ll toast an easy fix any day. :beer:

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