Idea for new functionality

Hi, the minifreak is really a great instrument that shines with its versatility. But for the moment with the microfreak updates I have the impression that it has no more interest than the microfreak or even that the microfreak with the incorporation of samples is more permissive. I think the incorporation of samples is already in high demand so it will happen eventually but even in general it would be nice if the minifreak was an improved version of the microfreak rather than s two instruments that cast shadows on each other. That being said, I think it would be interesting to add a bank of instruments with “classic” sounds to the minifreak so that we can start from “conventional” sounds and modify them as we wish. I know that it is more the function of the arranger to incorporate banks of classic instruments but mixing the customization of the microfreak with these sounds can be very interesting and further increase the versatility of the instrument by making it a true all-purpose machine. It’s a simple suggestion I will find it extremely entertaining and permissive to incorporate such functions. I have full confidence in the Arturia team in improving their instruments and am very satisfied with this synthesizer. Hoping that it will surprise us even more in the next updates!!


Yo, Alex
So do you own a Microfreak? sorry if you said you did…
Thank you for your words also. Ive had the Minifreaky since launch and I love it but I’ve noticed the microfreak heads has so many sound banks, (Hell I tried to DL one and run it on the Mini and I failed). Yadayadayada I see the 5.0 microfreak update and it seems, well, way more fun and better.

Arturia wont let us down its just the wait…im telling myself here before I just buy the flipping micro freak…

To Anyone who owns both. the MINI and MICRO, can I ask is getting a Micro worth it but keep in mind we (or I?) own the Mini.

Hi, currently I own the micro and will be receiving the mini very soon. Objectively, if Arturia updates the mini to get the mic features, the only point of buying a microfreak will be its price and portability.logically over time Arturia will focus its updates on the mini as an improved version of the micro. You also have to take into account that the mini has a dedicated vst unlike the micro, and I can tell you that for creation it’s a huge difference… Personally I don’t recommend having both if you already have the mini except if you want a synth that you take everywhere with you.