I released an electronica, techno, experimental album

Hi !

I released an electronica, techno, experimental album. I used my minifreak, pigment, and analog-lab a lot. It is called “Humain.e face au vide psychédélique”. You can find it on all streaming platforms.
I hope you enjoy it :grin:

Link : Humain·e face au vide psychédélique by La Chasseuse d'Herbes Luisantes - DistroKid


HI @lchl and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

I have to admit i’m not really the greatest fan of Techno so i’m not too familiar with the genre.
It all sounds good sonically and mix wise to me!
I know there are PLENTY of people out there, and likekly in this forum who are well into Techno, so perhaps they’d like to chip in too?


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Nice work, lchl!

It’s diverse and eclectic. I prefer the slower ones. he first one sounds like a new school electro R&B. I like the third one, more melodic.