I just want to send a Program Change MIDI message to an outboard synth

Keystep Pro, latest firmware
Is there something on the front panel to send a Program Change message out? Easy way for live performing.


Hi and welcome reaktorplayer!

According to this discussion on the previous (legacy) version of Arturia forum, it is not possible to send program change from K37.

In the Midi Control Center, the four CC knobs can be programmed to send midi CC values but not program change. A program change message is made of a CCBankSelect MSB (eg. b0 00) followed by Program change number. You can program a knob to send CC0 (Bank select) but then sending the program change number is not obvious. Though I’d be more cautious: it may depend on your target synth midi implementation chart.

For example, I control many features of the Microfreak (cutoff, resonnance, attack, decay, type, wave, timbre, etc.) with the four CC knobs but I can’t send Program Change.

Thank you francoise for your response! I have Disaster Area boxes that I can experiment with to try to send a program change message. This is really disappointing to not have one of the most basic commands available in an advanced controller. My old Juno 106 that I purchased in 1985 was the first Roland synth with MIDI (I think) and that had program change on the front panel.

I found this (Reddit) : With the Essentials line, in MIDI Control Center, you should be able to configure the pads to trigger program change, to a specific program number. Unfortunately there’s no way to assign a knob to cycle through programs 0-127.

The non-essentials Keylab MkII line seems to have a few more options for program changes: https://downloads.arturia.net/products/keylab-49-mkII/manual/keylab-mkii_Manual_2_2_0_EN.pdf

5.5. Program Change messages

While in User mode, Category, Preset, Center Knob, and Left/Right Arrows can be used to send program change messages to hardware or software instruments.

When you press the Category or Preset button, you will see “Bank Nbr” on the upper line and “Prog Nbr” on the lower line of the display.

Pressing the Category button selects the Bank number field, while pressing the Preset button selects the Program number field. Use the Center Knob to scroll through different banks and programs. When ready to send the program change message, press down on the knob.

Alternatively, you can use the Left/Right Arrows to choose a bank or program. The only difference here is that the program change is sent immediately as you press the arrows; when using the Center Knob the program change is only sent when you press down on the knob.

Again thank you for your response!

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The legacy forum discussion also found it desappointing. More so for those who work without DAWs.

I expressed some caution since there may be ways to send Program change in particular with “older” synths. I remember trying to send Program change with old Roland Sound canvas card or MT-32 module). I don’t remember if I succeeded.

As you say, the Essential line can send Program change: 5.5. Program Change messages (Keylab 49 manual, your link).
I remember doing so with the Keylab 61 (I don’t use it for lack of space on my desk). I searched the Keystep manual before answering: there is no mention of “program change”. Keystep is not recognized as a controller in Analog Lab.

Maybe a MIDI expert will give some hints.

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