I am trying to install downloaded files on one computer with ASC on a 2nd network computer

I want to just move the downloaded files across the network thereby not downloading them a 2nd time, to 2 other computers on the network, and then use ASC to install them on these other 2 locations from these files placed in the downloads folders there.
Is there any way to do this? I find that the installation from files has taken a new form and there are several exe files for each synth. In the earlier days, I could easily go thru the 20 or 21 synths and tap each installer and click thru the process, now the best way would be to have a batch installer like the Arturia Software Center must be using. There doesn’t seem to be a good option for mass install without downloading. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nModular. Welcome to the community.

ASC can not use allready downloaded installers as it is.
It’s true you on Arturias download pages can download installers for each of the individual applications. You can copy those to other computers and run them there one by one. Then Arturia Software Center (ASC) is only used to activate the applications.
But you would have to do this each time you get updates. It’s much easier to use ASC both for download, install and activation on each computer. In generel you can save a lot of work over time.

In Arturia Software Center → Preferences (top right menu) → Advanced
then set Downloads folder to same location on all computers
and make sure there is NO tick in the ‘Delete installer after successful install’
That may possibly prevent the Arturia Software Center on a second computer of having to download again if files is already present.
That is theory , how well Arturia actually uses already downloaded files I have no actual experience with !

Some programs have limitations with respect to using e.g. network drives. Like wise the ASC may have limitations that way that I am unaware of not having used it for sharing folders for multiple installations…

Yes @Merlin, it actually can be possible that ASC will recognize the installers and it will work, if they are put at the download folder location set in ASC Advanced Preferences settings. It’s worth a try, if one need/ want to do it this way.
Be sure not delete the installers automaticly after install.

I did try and put them into a folder, but when I clicked “install” they didn’t install. Many of them said “not installed” after about an hour when I came back.

The installers are not the same with these new synths as they were in the 32 bit days. It makes it difficult to know what and how to install, when there is a different .exe file for common, nks, resources, aax, samples, images… and every synth has different selections for the .exe files.

I have always set to keep downloaded files, I have installed and updated Arturia through 3 different versions / upgrades. So I just don’t know about the new version, which is not a single installer for each synth. I will probably try installing every .exe file though it will take longer and be a bit less straightforward.

I’m not sure why the installs should stop, if they actually started.

As i wrote. You can download individual installers. You can do it on each products page and on the download page here: https://www.arturia.com/support/downloads&manuals
This is for manual install of each application.
This has nothing to so with 32 vs 64 bit plugins.

EDIT: BTW: I don’t know if the installers you have downloaded with ASC can be run manually one by one without using ASC. Perhaps they can. If they are EXE files i will think so. ASC is set to delete mine after install, so can’t check.EDIT END

Please do not confuse files downloaded and saved by yourself with the files downloaded by the ASC when installing. For you to check ASC functionality of shared download folder you will have to use the ASC to download the files by installing on a computer. And then , yes ! , if you wait some time before installing on second computer then maybe files are of an out dated version so they may need to be downloaded again later. You can not expect the ASC to use old version installers for newest version install !

I didn’t really reinstall them I got stuck trying to solve the double preset problem. I am currently recovering from a computer crash that wiped out my entire computer last week that I think is based on the region and date format change between US and EU.