I am a new user and I am having the worst time getting started

New user and I am have the worst time getting started. Is there a place that I can call and have a detailed conversation to… A: see if I even have this installed correctly, B: how do I get it started and finally just some tips on basic operation. I’m real worldly on technology, but once I get a foundation understanding, I can build on that. Help!

Hi! I’m here, just tell me what you need to help you.




Great offering VFertorandez.

If you mean Minilab 3 since you say new. As a start to perhaps save some time - have you made it through the Start guide here: https://www.arturia.com/products/hybrid-synths/minilab-3/start - Click the blue button “Start Now”, if you have’nt allready.

FYI: Manuals often have a setup guide.


Thank you to you both! I will work on those suggestions and let you know the results. Thanks.