HR-16 Drum machine won't interface with KSP Drum Sequencer

Hey guys. Thanks so much in advance for your patience. I’m trying to sort out a problem I can’t seem to find any answers for online.

I have an Alesis HR-16 drum machine and a KSP and they’re not interfacing properly. I assume this is due to user error, but I am blindsided by all the many things I do not know.

The problem: KSP can send MIDI to HR-16 as long as it is in regular sequencing mode, not in drum sequencing mode. In regular sequencing mode, the drums trigger. In drum sequencing mode, I hear nothing. The midi console picks up the note, but the HR-16 isn’t receiving anything audible (as far as I can tell).

What I’ve tried: Ensuring that both the HR-16’s Midi Channel and the KSP Drum Channel are on 10. The only way I can get the KSP and the HR-16 to talk to eachother is if I put the HR-16 in Omni-channel mode and the synth on channel 1. I’ve also tried changing the drum input and output channels in the MCC (the midi control software for the KSP) to 1, instead of 10. That also did not work
I also read in the manual that there is only a specific octave range which the drum sequencing section recognizes, starting at C1. I’ve mapped all the drum keys to that section

What I am hoping to get some clarity on/help with:

I would like to know what I could be doing wrong, or whether this is actually more of limitation of the drum machine that was born the same year I was. Are there other places or resources I could check out for this kind of thing? I’ve exhausted the manuals of both devices, many forums, and I even ran the manuals through ChatGPT-4 and tried to figure it out that way. I’m at a loss.

Thanks so much!

Hi Jgrim,

I’m sorry to hear about the issue faced,

Do make sure to send us an email through the technical help desk and we will investigate this further with you.

You can submit a request here :

Best regards.