How to use Midi In?

Hi, i have some trouble with the midi in and the beatstep pro.

First my setup :
Midi keyboard [midi OUT] → BSP [midi IN]
BSP [midi OUT] → Behringer Neutron [midi IN]
My BSP is connected to my DAW (Ableton live 11) via USB

My keyboard, the Neutron and the BSP seq1 are on channel 1

1 Mod Wheel :
I would like to use the mod wheel of my keyboard to control the filter’s cutoff of my Neutron

I can play note on my keyboard and the neutron play accordingly, but it’s look like the BSP can’t read/pass mod-wheel information.
If i monitor the midi between the keyboard and the BSP i can saw midi data from the mod-wheel, but if i monitor the midi between the BSP and the Neutron only the note ON/OFF are shawn

2 Polyphony :
With the setup keyboard → DAW and BSP → DAW polyphony is working
but if i connect the keyboard to the BSP then the BSP to my DAW i loose the polyphony from the keyboard but i still can play polyphony from BSP seq1

It look like midi thru is not fully functioning :confused: ?

Maybe i miss something in MIDI controls Center or anywhere else to make it work if so could someone help me please ?

Hi @user we’re glad to see you here!

Sorry to read this, did you already checked the BeatStep Pro Manual? There is a special section about Selecting MIDI channels on page 57.

To help you better please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

Hi, thank’s for your answer =)

Yep i read the MIDI section of the manual, but there is not much infos (only how to change midi channel).
Why should i contac the support Team, the probleme is simple does the BSP have a clean MIDI thru or not ?

While I do not have any of this equipment, if I did, this is what I would try.

Does your MIDI keyboard have a USB port as well as the 5 pin MIDI out port?

If you, then what you might want to try is connect all these devices to your PC via their own USB port. Let Ableton live 11 do all the routing.

According to the manual for the Behringer Neutron, that has a USB port capable of
sending and receiving MIDI information.

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I have the same issue. Controller keyboard is set to polyphonic. Controller Kbd midi out to Arturia Beatstep Pro midi in. Beatstep Pro USB to PC and Cubase Pro.

BSP is only sending single note, no-polyphony, over midi. This seems like an odd limitation…

SOLVED – sort of (I hope this helps, Plop)

Beat Step Pro (BSP)

Hello future readers. I have been discussing this with Arturia support since my last post on the topic.

The Issue: Polyphonic midi information sent to the assigned midi receive channel of Sequencer 1 and Sequencer 2 only pass along monophonic notes to the DAW over USB. The Drum Sequencer is a different story, but not a great story for those hoping to use their BSP as a midi interface.

Midi-IN to USB-OUT can only be done using the three midi channels assigned to the three sequencers of the BSP.

Sequencer 1 and Sequencer 2 are monophonic. So, they can not be used for polyphonic information. Even when hammering on the pads of the BSP or when passing midi information from midi-IN.

The Drum Sequencer is polyphonic but only for the 16 notes assigned to the 16 pads of the physical BSP (C1 – D#2). So, with the Drum Sequencer assigned to receive on channel 10, set your controller keyboard to send on Channel 10. Select the [DRUM] button on the BSP so it is illuminated. When playing notes C1-D#2 you should see the corresponding pad light up and your DAW should be receiving polyphonic note information. If not, you might need to check your midi settings on your BSP. The [CHAN] button can be used to show your midi channel configuration.

Well, I’m not sure this makes me happy but at least I can stop troubleshooting what is a design issue.

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Thanks for sharing your solution with the community @delta-t :rocket: