How to route a single track/bus to a hardware FX unit?

how do I route a track (in Logic Pro) to an external effect pedal? I bought a OTO BAM reverb unit. Connected the BAM OUTs to AudioFuse Studio Inputs 3-4, but not sure how to send a single track to the BAM. If I use AUX I get my whole mix. Is ther some way to configure Logic to only send a single bus to AUX?

Using Logic 10.7.9
AudioFuse Studio
OTO BAM (reverb) unit with 2x IN and 2x OUT

Hey @max

I’m not a Logic or AFS user so will be able to help you in a limited capacity, hope that’s ok.

Your connections sound ok, you will need to set up an AUX Send in Logic which is routed to your AUX outputs on your AFS.
You should also check your control software for your AFS to see what is routed to your AUX outputs as your main mix shouldn’t be sent there also, unless you want to use the AUXs to run a second pair of monitors/tape machine etc…

You will need to route the AUX send you set up in Logic to the AUX outputs on your AFS, it sounds like you have already set the return from your external FX up already, you will also need to set up an input channel in Logic so it can be heard in Logic, you may also have to do this with your AFS software too.

I’m sorry i cannot be more specific here, as i said i don’t own either unit and us ‘external moderators’ do not work for Arturia.

That’s the theoretical way of setting this up, it’s always worked the same way on every system i’ve ever worked on.


Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I don’t see how to route an AUX in Logic to the AUX in the AFS. In the AFS Control Center, there is a drop-down for routing… What is ADC1-4? I guess I can only send my entire DAW output through AUX. So I guess I just have to solo the tracks I want to process and record that as a second pass?

In Logic I can only send outputs to outputs. I don’t see the AFS “AUX” as a destination…

ah wait! Maybe we are getting somewhere. This was easy to overlook in the manual.

Looks like if you are using Aux 1 you need to select Ext out channel 7 in the track. The AFS pdf has a chart that shows Aux 1 and 2 are mapped to output channels 7 and 8!

Yep that looks about right to me! At a guess ADC are your ADAT connections, unless you have an ADAT unit i wouldn’t worry about those until you do.

As i said originally, i don’t use Logic, so you might have to hit their forum up or the manual.

You appear to be half way there now! :sunglasses:

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