How to record MIDI into my DAW from the MiniFreak SEQUENCER?

Hey, can you help me with something? I have an Arturia MiniFreak (MnF), and I’m trying for HOURS to record the MIDI from the Mnf Sequencer in Apple Logic Pro. It seems I can only record the keys I press on the keyboard, not the notes the sequencer plays.

Can someone walk me through how to do this? Or is it not possible? What makes things more confusing is using the MiniFreak V Plugin and the Minifreak hardware. But I’m unable to record the sequencer MIDI from that thing either.

Hey Max.
Try this: in menu “Utility” under “MIDI” go to “MIDI Seq/Synth”. There you have 2 options. Use this with the pictogram in the screen showing an arrow from “Arp|Seq” pointing to “MIDI” - the top screen-line says then “MIDI>Synth”.
Then the notes played from the sequencer or arp should be sent to MIDI.

Hope this helps.


Hi @max and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Hi @marturi.9.bacfree and many thanks for your input there .

I think it might be worth you trying what they suggest.

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Thanks. I already tried that setting. But after restarting everything (my audio interface, Apple Logic Pro, and my MnF) I got it working.

However, I can’t seem to get Sequencer/Arp MIDI from the MiniFreak V (software version); only when I use the hardware synth as an external MIDI device. But I guess that’s better than nothing. :slight_smile:

Also, I use the MnF V (soft version) I can auto-start the Sequencer when the DAW starts, but when recording MIDI from the hardware sequencer, auto-start no longer works. Has anyone successfully configured a better workflow in Logic?

I have to manually start the sequencer to record the sequencer MIDI on a MIDI track, then manually edit it to align the notes with the rest of my sequences.

I’m surprised there aren’t more videos on this. So many people on YouTube cover the basis, but there are fewer vids on more advanced topics!

Would it help to use DIN MIDI (via my audio interface) instead of USB MIDI? Are there any limitations to USB MIDI that might be causing this frustrating workflow?

From my distant and hazy memory, i’m fairly sure this is by design.