How to delete templates from MiniLab 3?

Hi, is there a way to delete specific templates from MiniLab 3?

Hey @longvandyke :zap:
The MiniLab3 comes with the factory template. Could you please add an screenshot to see what it shows on your screen?

But if by “Templates” you mean “Presets” you may be able to individually enabled or disabled in the Device Settings of the MIDI Control Center app or from the AnalogLab settings if you’re using it.

You can also create “User Templates” from the MCC to save your own templates. For further information you can check the MiniLab3 Manual

I’m referring to user templates stored onto the device. When I store one to the device, after adding a certain number of my own templates, it starts overwriting templates, but from what I have tried it seems I can’t control which ones it overwrites. It overwrote the same template each time I wrote to the device, leaving a template on the device that I was no longer using. This overwrite didn’t seem to be connected to the template that was currently selected. As a solution, I factory reset the device, and re-stored the custom templates.

Additionally, I don’t think I have a use for the “DAW” template, because my DAW is not one of the 5 ones that are integrated with the MiniLab3 by default, so I’d have to create my own custom one, but also now cycling past that default template is redundant. The manual says the transport controls can be used with any DAW, but I’m not getting it to work in REAPER. I haven’t been using the “Arturia” template either, I’ve been using the synths standalone, I can’t say that this will always be the case, but personally the option to hide or delete these for quicker cycling would make sense. There’s always factory reset if I later find I need them.

Edit: I can see now the reason for the overwrites was that I hadn’t changed the Device Memory in the MIDI Control Centre. I would still like to know if the default templates can be deleted from the device and if those device memories can be cleared without performing a factory reset.

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