How to count octaves on keystep 32

Hi guys,
sorry for n00b question but I’m learning piano and I could not find it in the manual,
so keystep has 2 whole octaves counting from the right side of the keyboard and 7 keys more
when no Oct- or Oct+ is light up which octaves are those exactly?
and what exactly happens when I transpose? it moves left/right to the amount of 2 whole octaves and 7 extra keys?

HI @wildfluss and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

It’s actually nearer 2 1/2 octaves if we count it correctly.
We generally count from the lowest (the furthest left) note on a keyboard, in this case it’s F.
If you look at the way the keys are laid out, you’ll notice a repetitive pattern, this is something you’ll need to be highly familiar with, if you’re not already.

The KS starts with an F as i said earlier, notice that it’s the white key nearest to the left hand side of a group of THREE black notes, the next group of black notes (ascending from left to right, low to high) has only TWO black notes, the next group of black notes up is a group of three and the next up a group of two… see the pattern?

When you engage the Oct+/- button you will shift the keyboard up or down ONE octave for each time you push the button, from memory the button will flash a little faster with each push.

Are you having piano lessons or trying to learn yourself?

If it’s the latter i would SERIOUSLY advise you seek out a professional piano teacher, it’s not just about what to do, it’s about how to do it and sometimes more importantly what NOT to do.
Bad technique and posture can actually be quite detrimental to your physical health in the medium to long term.

If you’re just starting and wanting to see if it’s for you, i’d still recommend going to a piano teacher as it’s an interactive experience, you get question/answers in real time, real time feedback etc from an actual person sat next to you and it’s well worth the money!

They will also talk you through things like your question and demonstrate various ways of thinking about it.


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