How to copy presets to another machine?

Hi there,
I’m switching to a new computer.
After reinstalling all VST via Arturia Software Center, I am missing all my user-presets, my favorites and category-assigments (red, yellow etc.).

Where are these stored and how can I transfer them to the new machine?


Mac or PC?

If you’re on PC then you can find them here C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets.
If you decide to just copy and paste from your old to your new machine, you might also want to delete the ‘db.db3’ file too, I usually fire up ALV and let it rebuild the presets data base, you can watch this in real time by looking at The Home page in ALV.


Great, that helped!

I copied the ‘user’ folders of my instruments and the db.db3 and the playlists-directory from Analog Lab.
Now it seems all is available on the new machine.

Which has a better CPU and more RAM than the old one, so fortunately no more crackles with the beautiful Augmented PIANO! :slight_smile:



Great stuff!
Glad it helped you, enjoy! :sunglasses:

Hi there, I can’t locate the db.db3 file. It should be in the Arturia preset folder, isn’t it ? I’m on Mac Sonoma.

Oh, just found it :

And… it worked ! Thank you guys, you rule.