How to become a Synth Runner (Sound Design Course)

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Hey Runners! I am Voider, a professional Sounddesigner from Germany who has created a few commercial bestseller soundsets, themed around my futuristic style. This course will take you on a journey through the very core of a synthesizer, you’ll learn about the most important parameters, the modules, the effects, and how it all works together. You will learn the fundamental concepts that’ll give you the power to make your imagination come alive and to create your own patches or adjust presets to your taste, to give them your own unique flavour.

Synthesizers are beautiful instruments, in fact the most futuristic and modern instruments we have, and they offer so much freedom and possibilites unlike anything else, if you understand how to utilize them.

And the best thing is, that all the plugins out there that we love to buy and incorporate into our musical compositions are based on the very similiar concept of synthesizers. This means that once you’ve mastered synthesizers, you’ll rarely look into the manual of new plugins because everything makes naturally sense to you.

This course is specifically designed for beginners up to intermediate, while I will explain everything from scratch, you’ll as well learn some advanced techniques and a lot of examples for more advanced sounddesign.

Enroll now, grab a nice drink and load up your synthesizer - we’ve got sounds to create!

Personal note: This is not just a tutorial on Pigments,
it’s a comprehensive synthesizer sound design course. I have done it entirely with Pigments because of the fantastic visual representation the UI offers.

The knowledge is universal and applies to any synthesizer that uses subtractive synthesis, like Pigments, which is what the majority does. There are also 3 free full lessons available for everyone (Creating a Pad patch, Reverb and Playmodes). You’ll find them if you scroll down on the landing page to the chapter overview.

Have fun everyone :slight_smile: