How to backup your favorites (hearts, color tags...) on a Mac?

Good day!

How do I backup my favorites selections (hearts, color tags…) on a Mac?
Is there a file or folder. I assume it would be in the presets folder but that folder weights 850 MB… do I need to save the entire presets folder to save my favourites? Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi @AlphaCentori . Welcome to the community.

FYI: The community have a search function at the top of the site.
I suggest you read this topic: Liked sounds transfer

I can add to the informations in the above topic, that Samples are located in the Samples folder.
Perhaps study the Shared folder too to see if you need to backup something in there.

What you backup is up to you. I back up everything.

Thanks LBH!

I know there’s a search function and I used it. I used the keyword “Favorites”. Exactly written like in Analog Lab. I never thought of searching for “likes” because that’s not the term Arturia employs.