How to backup created presets


I picked Pigments 5 through that introductory offer, and I am already creating somethings on it.

Anyone knows how could we backup the presets we create/change? I mean, what folder are they stored on Windows?

Thanks in advance for your help.

They are saved in HDD name:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\Pigments\User

Note that “ProgramData” is a hidden folder, in order to see it you might have to change your settings in Windows to show hidden folders.

Thank you very much. Now I found it!

Hi @EWSG ,

Presets are located at the resource folder path you have set in Arturia Software Center (ASC). Apparantly you have used the default path. Perhaps backup the whole resource folder to be sure to back-up all preset informations.

You can also include to use the the Export preset/ bank feature in Arturias applications and then also make backups of those.

Hi @LBH ,

Amazing! Thank you very much for the information.

Also, I confess I didn’t see these export feature in Pigments. I’ll take a look, it certainly will be very good.