How to activate Vox V (

How do you activate Vox V (

When I open either the plugin or the standalone instrument, an authorization window comes up; when I click on the Activate button in this window, I’m taken to Arturia Software Center, but nothing happens.

I have a few older projects in which I’ve used this plugin, and I’d like to export the tracks on which it’s used.

(MacBook Pro M1, macOS 14.2.1)

Hi @thomaskyhn . Welcome to the community.

Have you also clicked a Activate button in Arturia Software Center (ASC)?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes. It’s part of V Collection 4, which is listed as activated.

So it is activated.
Version is’nt M processor compatible. Do you run it in Rosetta mode?
I’m on Windows. I’m actually not even sure you if your old Vox V can run on your new MAC OS.

I’m not sure if it’s possible either. I’ve written support a while ago but they haven’t replied yet.
It appears not to be activated as it isn’t possible to load presets, and when I open an older Logic project with an instance of Vox V, the Vox plugin is reset to the default settings almost immediately after it’s opened.

I can run that Vox V version on the latest Windows version.
To me it look like the last MAC version was for OSX 10. I think that’s about a decade ago.
I think you unfortunately can’t use that VOX V version on your new MAC system then. I’m not even sure it can run in Rosetta mode, if you have’nt tried that.

The standalone instrument doesn’t have a Rosetta option, but I’ll try running Logic in Rosetta mode and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the suggestion.

It seems that when I run Logic in Rosetta mode, Vox V retains its settings, and I’m able to export the projects in question even if the plugin doesn’t appear to be activated. So thanks for the tip!

That’s nice to hear.
You are welcome.