How to 442Hz

Hi there! I recently bought the MiniLab 3 and I’m testing it with the Intro version of Analog Lab V. I started to lose my mind because I’m unable to find how to change the key intonation cause I usually work at A=442HZ. Can you help me find a way? Thanks.

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Usually the precise global tuning of a sound is handled by the synth itself.

Analog Lab V is just the presets that uses the various synths engines from Arturia’s synth range.

They cannot be edited deeply unless you actually own the individual synth that the preset uses.

And even then, not all of them allow global tuning down to the cents.

For synth that do not have a global tuning function, there is a work-a-round, but it might be a bit clunky.

You could use pitch bend. Setting the pitch bend to a range of 2 semitones and sending a pitch bend MIDI event value of around 325 will achieve A=442HZ tuning for a given track. You could place that event in the first measure of your track. Note: If you actually use pitch bend for note glides in any of your projects, you would have to remember to reset the pitch bend to this value rather than zero.

Clunky, I know, which is why a global tune option in the synth would be a better option.

The question is, do you have any individual synths in Arturia’s synth range (or from any other brands for that matter)?

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