How easy/feasible is a USB port repair/replacement?

My Keylab 88 MkII is injured…

So I recently moved house. I transported the keyboard myself in my car using a pretty rugged soft case that I purchased specifically for the move. There was nothing else in the case with the keyboard. I really don’t know what could have poked the port specifically hard enough to dislodge it, while not marring anything else on the surface of the keyboard at all. I’m totally baffled, and quite upset about it as I thought I’d taken really good care while moving it!

Anyway, I strongly assume that this won’t be covered by warranty, and even if it was, shipping it back to France seems expensive. So, I might as well have a crack at fixing it myself. Anyone have any idea how much of a pain that is?

For reference, I’ve replaced the screen (and a key) in a Yamaha SY-77 before, and that was a complete PITA because of the sheer number of circuit boards that had to be removed, though it didn’t require any soldering on my part. I’m hoping that this unit is a lot more sparse on the inside! I’m mostly worried about how DIY-able the soldering on the board is, and whether or not I’ll be able to properly tell which replacement part I need.

Thanks for your time!

Hi @pickscrape and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

OUCH!! i feel your pain… if you have insurance you could check your policy to see if it is covered possibly?

You could also log in to your account to contact our support team to see if they can advise further about repairs/replacement parts/how to etc.


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Thanks for your reply!

It doesn’t look like my insurance would cover damage while moving, so I’ve put in a support request to see what they can help with.

HI @pickscrape
Ah, that’s a shame!
Hopefully support will get back to you fairly soon.

Also, it might be worth looking around your area for a good ‘repair’ person, we have one or two retired electrical and electronic engineers in the larger area where i live, these people are often REALLY handy to know!


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