How do I get the bass pedals to work in Ableton

I can only get the upper manual to follow my sequence, which I programmed with a mousepad.

Do I need to get my sequence to output on MIDI channel 3? I have been searching online for an answer to this for two hours now, and the only thing I’m close to is smashing my laptop.

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Yeah, that is what you need to do, but Ableton doesn’t make it easy.
The only way I’ve found to do this in Ableton is have your B-3 VST on one MIDI track, and your MIDI clips in a separate MIDI track. On your clips track, set the “MIDI To” Output to your VST track and the Channel to 3. This should play your MIDI clips using the B-3 VST pedals.

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I’m guessing that I have done this wrong, because it is still not working.

Is it weird that Live doesn’t let you select which MIDI channel to use? Seems like an unusual oversight.

The MIDI To:Channel of your first track needs to be set to Channel 3 (“3-B-3 V2”), instead of “Track In”.
The MIDI From:Channel of your second track can be set back to “All Channels”.

I’m sure there’s some Ableton workflow reason why they don’t let you set a MIDI channel within a track’s clips, but whatever it is, it sure makes it more complex for simple situations like this.