How do I add a control in the midi settings tab?

When I click on the preferences button and choose the midi tab, I can click on “Add control” at the bottom and select a parameter to add, such as F1 Resonance.

This adds the control to the list, but the CH, CC, Min, and Max parameters are all blank. How do I fill these in? Clicking in those fields does nothing, and if I click anywhere else, the parameter just disappears and isn’t saved.

I can’t find any info on this anywhere in the manual or anywhere else I’ve looked. Any ideas?

Hi. Welcome.

It would be great, if Arturia added the possibility to type in the info.

For now you can do this:
Click the LEARN button above the parameter list. Then move the hardware control untill it’s assigned.
You can do this when you allready have added a list using the ADD CONTROL like you have.
If you click LEARN first you can also select parameters on the GUI.
Notive the purple and red colors the gui parameters have when you click learn.

If needed please consult the manual Section “ MIDI Learn Tab” for more info.

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That definitely helps and confirms that the function does indeed work. It’s just a little more convoluted for me because I’m connecting an mpe controller that outputs multiple messages at the same time, so I have to find another piece of hardware, reconfigure it to the cc I want, then create the control using that. Yes, the functionality is there to read all that data coming in, but they sure don’t make it easy to assign it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

In the Settings tab you can enable MPE and also make MPE settings.