**How can I send MIDI and Audio to an external synth?**

Preferred setup:

    1. Arturia Keystep in Minifuse 4 by USB
    1. Minifuse 4 connected to line in of synth with output 1L and 2R
    1. Synth connected to Arturia Keystep 37 by MIDI I/O and MIDI O/I.
      Can this work? I want to play Analog sounds on the JDXI.

Gear: Arturia Minifuse 4 - Keystep 37 - Roland JDXI - Macbook Pro M1

Hi @JLspace

It sounds like you want to play the JDXI from your keystep?

Hi, you should connect the outputs of your minifuse 4 to either high quality headphones or monitor speakers.
What you suggest it a rather strange approach and I wouldn’t recommend.

You should connect your JDXI to your minifuse 4 via midi cables to get midi in and out of it and connect the audio outs from it to the line inputs of your minifuse so you can monitor and record the audio from it.


It is exactly the other way around. I want to use the Analog sounds, record them on the JDXI. And use that in my performance. I want to be able to avoid having to bring a laptop to my performance.

If I use the JDXI only, connected to loop station or amplifier, that will work. But want to know if it is also possible to use the Analog sounds on the JDXI.

Just in desperate search of leaving the laptop at home.
But seems not possible if I understand you correctly…

Unless the JDXI has some kind of audio recording/storage/playback facility onboard then no it’s not possible.

There is only record under pattern sequencer… I can save these. Guess that’s a no then…

you could record the session with a Sound Devices MixPre or device like a Zoom