How can I record with analog lab?

Hello, I’m from Argentina and I recently bought a MIDI and when I wanted to record with the Analog Lab application, it didn’t leave me with something that I thought was normal since not all programs come with a recording option, but when I tried audacity it didn’t hurt me either and at the same time I can’t try Reaper either and I looked for solutions and I can’t get it to record.
What happened to me in Audacity when I try to record is that when I click on the plugins window (which the analog lab is supposed to be there) it doesn’t appear and I try reinstalling the program and everything but I can’t get it to work.
If anyone can help me thank you very much

HI @Riizian and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

I’m afraid that Audacity’s midi capability just aren’t good enough to be usable for what you’re wanting to do.

You really need something like Cubase, Logic, Reaper etc, if you are on a Mac you can use Garage Band, for free AFAIK, or if on Windows you can use the trial of Reaper for free. Cubase and other DAWs also have ‘light’ versions that are cheaper than the full versions too.


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