How can I have a "traditional" arpeggiator in Pigments?

Hello, first time poster.

I recently acquired Pigments, and I am really enjoying the amount of features and ease of use, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

However, in my creative workflow, I use Jup-8 V4 to sketch out ideas quickly. The Jup-8 V4 arpeggiator simply climbs up an arbitrary number of octaves from the root note, so you can just press a key and the arpeggiator will, well, arpeggiate along those notes in the direction you choose.

Now, when you play a chord in this arpeggiator, the arpeggiator “climbs” along the entire chord, so what was three notes, once you hold a three-note chord, becomes nine, and when you release one, it goes back to six notes.

In Pigments, the Arpeggiator only climbs along the notes you play, so I haven’t been able to replicate the effect of Jup-8 V4’s arpeggiator in Pigments.

I’m sure there’s a series of tweaks that can be done to have the Pigments arpeggiator perform just like the Jup-8 V4 arpeggiator, but I haven’t been able to do so. It’s pretty much the only thing missing from my workflow right now, so I would appreciate any help or ideas you might have.

Thanks for reading!

I don’t think that’s possible unfortunately… the best thing you could do is using 3 instances of Pigments and then play all 3 chord sequences individually in parallel.

I agree, it would be nice if Pigments also had an option for a “simple” arpeggiator.

Yeah, Pigment’s arpeggiator is not the easiest one : its real power hides in its programming capabilities, which is not very suitable when you want to program it on the fly on stage for example.

A suggestion (also I guess you know it yet) : when you play a chord to be arpeggiated and hold it with your sustain pedal, as long as you hold at least one note pressed on the keyboard, you can add as many notes as you want to your arpeggio. So you can play the same chord at different octaves and get the same result as holding a simple chord on your JP8 with a multi-octaves arpeggio.

Any recommendations for a dedicated, low CPU arpeggiator VST? I like Pigment’s arpeggiator but I don’t necessarily want the entire Pigments CPU load just to drive notes on a different instrument.

Turning off the wave engines and effects drops CPU down significantly, so that is a viable alternative. Still wonder about dedicated arpeggiator VST’s.

What DAW are you using? Most should have some form of arpeggiator included. Ableton has Arpeggiator under MIDI Effects.