How about a Keylab Mk3 with new Polybrute 12 keyboard & Touche

A suggestion for Arturia’s next controller - How about a Keylab Mk3 with the new Polybrute 12 keyboard & Touche…


I’d guess that they’re working on that to be released soon, that would be the smart thing to do. I’d buy that as soon as it hits.


If Arturia made a Keylab with the Full Touch keybed, and update Pigments to accept all modes of aftertouch as modulation source, that would be completely crazy.


Ce qui serait fou (car je suis certain que le keylab mk3 sera à la hauteur de mes attentes…) c’est qu’il sorte en noir ! ou en version stellar ! :smiley:



What would be crazy (because I’m sure that the mk3 keylab will live up to my expectations…) is that it comes out in black! Or in stellar version


Couldn’t agree more. I went for the black version of the Keylab 61 mk2, I love it, it blends in nicely with all my other gear.

Personally I’m not a fan of white keyboards. I’d still buy it if it had the polybrute keybed though, regardless of colour, and then of course a week after buying, they would announce it in black :grinning:

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Yeah here’s hoping they launch a black version right from the off. Twice so far I’ve had to bide my time waiting for a black version of something I wanted: first it was the KL88 then the KeyStep. My waiting paid off, but why not just launch both at once? Guaranteed there’s a black AstroLab in the works, but why not deliver it at product launch…


Are there no hints if the Keylab Mk3 will have the Polybrute 12 keybed? I’m planning on getting the Essential Mk3 88 keys in a couple of days but willing to put it off if the Keylab Mk3 will indeed have the Polybrute 12 keybed. Hope they can drop some hints because if I get th Essential Mk3, i cannot justify to the wife getting the hypothetical Keylab Mk3 with Polybrute keybed

No hints at all… they don’t do that. However, I would expect that if they do release a controller with the PB12 keybed, it won’t be for a while. Probably well after the PB12 is out and about for a bit.

Because now they know, you will wait till they launch it. :grin:And it is always nice to get some news clippings when they launch the other version. :+1:

That would be really great !
With a big screen too.

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Yes please

The PB12 is just too massive for my space, as much as I’d like it

A big screen being properly and well used.

I love big screens, I really dislike 2 lines of text or wrist watch sized round displays etc.

However, my new NI S88 has a biggish screen and 80% of it is simply used for a picture of whatever plug-in is being used.

While many updates are promised from NI, currently the big screen is simply a waste of space in most situations, they could do so much with it.


Sounds expensive, but ultimately I would love one!!

Yep, probably won’t be cheap, but it could be so good that it makes all other non cheaper midi controllers redundant,

Arturia has a load of controllers with great functionality for the cheaper end of the market.

My Native Instruments 88 note S88 mk3 cost me £1069 in January and most shops were selling for around £1200. Arturia could make the NI offering almost seem like a toy if they really went to town on it, and I’m pretty sure if they made it like some of the suggestions in this thread, people would be rushing out to buy.

What I hope they don’t do is to try to make it trendy/fashionable looking (as though it’s permanently on display on an art gallery) rather than make it comfortable and usable, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I really don’t want them to copy their round display from their Astrolab.

Seeing the release of the Polybrute, while I’m very happy with my 61 note Keylab mk2, if they make sensible decisions, the mk3 could turn out to be a “drool, want, want, must have now” controller, a feeling that rarely happens to me anymore.

Hopefully it will come out sometime this year. AstroLab was announced near the beginning of April (I think), Polybrute 12 near the end of May.

So not that long between them.

Here’s hoping

This may be an unpopular opinion, but am I the only one who appreciates that Arturia does not generally put big, colourful screens on their hardware? I can see how it makes sense for the Astrolab, given it’s intended purposes, but if I’m using a controller with software running on my computer, I’d rather look at the big screen it already has and let the controller focus on actual controls.


It’s true we all have personal requirements. No matter what Arturia launch, someone is going to be thrilled and someone is going to be disappointed. But i’m spending too much time in the ‘disappointed’ camp these days. I don’t have the room for racks of hardware synthesizers, so the PB12, as great as it is, doesn’t interest me. I don’t perform live, and even if I did, the laughable watch-sized display on the AstroLab would be a deal-breaker. I’m praying for a great KL Mk3 with poly aftertouch. Personally I don’t give a sh*t if it has a display or not, and I won’t even need the knobs and faders. I just want something with state-of-the-art keys: literally the most important thing of all on a controller.


… and that Touché style controller :thinking:

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