Help understanding "Saving Structure" in Impact?

I recently got a Drumbrute Impact.
After a few failed attempts to save some „creations“ i sometimes managed and sometimes lost work

So i need your help in order to understand the procedure cause i come from a Daw world were i never had to think about these things.

When i create a pattern i like i then make a short video of the settings in top view so i know in the Future how to rebuild the exact sounds.

However i see that i can save Song-Bank-Pattern.

Say i save a Bank. Example „Bank A“ is the Pattern i currently play with Saved inside this bank? Or should i look at them like two individual things?

Like , do i have to remember „Bank A has to have Pattern 4 in order for the Project to sound right?“
I am having trouble understanding the structure

@SaketomebayB Ohhh just had the same question some time ago, here are my findings:

You can save your patterns in any of the 1-16 Patterns from the A-D banks, therefore, you really have 16x4 = 64 different patterns you can save in the local memory of the unit.

Song mode allows you to “assemble” those patterns in any combination/order up to 16x patterns (even if these are selected from different banks) and would be similar to copy/paste the pattern blocks in your DAW sequencer/arrangement to create your songs.

You can find more info on p. 55 of the manual :