Help to understand Scale Mode (some notes confuse me)

Hi guys,

I just purchased the Keylab Essential 49 mk3 primarily for SCALE MODE (my piano skills are limited). Doing some testing I discovered that the chords played on the controller do not always match the information received by the DAW (in this case Logic Pro).

For example, in the key of Eb min I played the notes E-G-B on the controller, thinking the controller was going to send the notes Eb-Gb-Bb to Logic Pro, but no, the DAW received an inversion of the B major chord Eb-Gb-B (which is not wrong at all because the note B belongs to the key of Eb min)

Can someone help me understand how SCALE MODE works exactly…?

Hi @henry2085 . Welcome to the community.

Turning a played Em into a Ebm chord is to me more a transpose than a scale functionality.

I don’t have the controller, so i can’t test…
I don’t know how the Scale mode excactly decide to adapt notes to scale. But it will adapt played notes that’s not present in the scale to notes that are. It will correct to the nearest notes in the scale i assume. I don’t know, if you can select certain notes, but then it will adapt the played notes to those notes.

As you say, then the B(Cb) note actually is a note in the Eb minor scale. So it make sense not to change that note.

In this case it look like the corrected notes are being corrected to the nearest notes in the scale downwards. If the nearest note was upwards, then perhaps that would be picked?

I doubt the Scale mode also select certain chord functions or chord progressions. But the chord you got is a chord in Eb minor.